Floor plans as one of the most important features on a property’s website. Along with professional photography and detailed information on the home, floor plans are an excellent marketing tool for viewers. Buyers can understand how the home may work for them with the complete floor plan layout and home measurements. Paired with real estate photography, floor plans provide a better comprehension of the property for viewers!

When marketing a property, most real estate agents only include photographs and descriptions in their selling strategy. But this alone isn’t always sufficient. Buyers many times want to see more details about a real estate listing to help them decide if the property is the perfect option for them.

Real estate property floor plans are a beneficial asset to include in your listing marketing strategy. Here’s why:

• Buyers are less likely to ask about a property without a floor plan.

• Some buyers never arrange to view a property before seeing a floor plan.

• Including a floor plan in a real estate listing tends to significantly increase click-through rates.


Floor plans are perfect features to help buyers visualize the layout of the rooms in relation to everything else. The buyers can easily plan where to put their furniture and other belongings, which is vital to determining how suitable the property is for their needs in terms of layout and size.


Preparing a real estate property for viewing is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Imagine if a buyer, after viewing the property, decides not to buy it just because they didn’t like the layout? All your preparation efforts would have gone to waste.

Floor plans for real estate listings can help decrease such scenarios. Buyers may decide not to schedule a showing if they don’t like the layout by just looking at the floor plan, and only interested buyers will arrange to view a property — filtering unnecessary showings and increasing the chances of purchase.


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